Seat belts came first

Next, it's 5D Perception®

Imagine an affordable system that gives every driver 360-degree insight in all weather conditions and paves a true path to autonomy.

We're closer than you think.


A revolution in road safety

…and it's surprisingly affordable

Provizio’s Active Safety platform fuses ground-breaking 5D Perception® technology with embedded AI on-the-edge to offer OEMs the fastest and most reliable path to Level 5 automation.


Instant response with Sensor-Edge AI

Slash braking distances and make life-saving decisions 100x faster

Our software-defined sensors use integrated edge processors to make instant decisions on the chip - and slash response times from 300ms to < 5ms.


Software-enhanced resolution and range

Spot hazards sooner with 5D sensors that boost fidelity by 30x

Our 5D radar sensors use patent-pending active software-defined antennas to beat the resolution of next-generation incumbent sensors by more than 30x and their range by more than 3x - with no additional radar hardware.


Fusion insights with 5D Perception®

Go far beyond human perception with a revolutionary fusion unit

We’ve fused our super-resolution 5D radar and vision sensors with AI-on-the-edge processing and SLAM into one affordable, software-enhanced platform that can identify potential hazards with unprecedented accuracy and speed.


AI-enabled image enhancement

Improve 5D Perception® by 10X - with a compounding advantage

Each sensor is fully software-defined and integrated on an edge GPU - where proven AI-powered imaging techniques further improve our unique point cloud by more than 10x and in five dimensions.


Cloud-enabled continuous improvement

Unlock autonomy with constant system and driver safety improvements

Extract the power of your fleet of vehicles. Capture critical data to create crowdsourced models that will continually improve each unit’s perception, prediction, and prevention performance.


5D Perception® by Provizio

A clear path to autonomy

A safety-first strategy to achieve total autonomy and eliminate accidents.


Irish start-up Provizio has signed a deal with micromobility company Voi to help bring its safety technology to scooters
Irish Times | October 27, 2022Read the article →

Provizio, built an augmented platform that uses sensors and artificial intelligence (A.I.) software to predict accidents and send preventative warnings to drivers so they can take corrective action.
Fortune | December 2, 2021Read the article →

The real problem is going to be, at what point is it still ethical to let the human drive
Washington Post | August 6, 2021Read the article →

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