of crashes in the US have human error as a contributing factor

Despite safety improvements, over a million lives are lost in road accidents each year. At Provizio, we want to ensure that active safety doesn’t simply become the preserve of people that can afford it. We are making our perception technology as accessible and ubiquitous as the seat belt is today.

Our Story

The journey towards zero accidents

  • 1958

    Three-point seatbelt introduced
    Heralding a step-change in vehicle safety, the safety belt represents the single biggest improvement to automotive safety to date.
    Seatbelt invention car safety
  • 1971

    First Commercial Airbag System
    The introduction of the airbag ushered in a new era of safety, later followed by further innovations such as curtain airbags, knee & head protection and more.
    commercial airbags first deployed
  • 2015

    Provizio Team members deploy 4D radar in space
    The team behind Provizio’s biggest innovations saw some of their first 4D radar systems deployed by a number of space agencies.
    Provizio Team members deploy 4D radars in space
  • 2016

    Provizio founding team deploy 4D radar to prevent helicopter crashes
    The team that put 4D radar in space brought the technology almost back down to earth deploying imaging radar for the first time to help helicopters land in the harshest environments.
    Provizio team members deployed 4D radar to prevent helicopter crashes
  • 2017

    Provizio founding team deploy 4D imaging radar on autonomous vehicles
    Having conquered space and defence, the leaders in autonomous vehicles came knocking. Autonomy was faltering because of the edge-cases. 4D imaging radar was seen as the solution. 
    Provizio team members deploy 4D radar on autonomous vehicles
  • 2019

    Provizio founded
    Provizio was founded with the goal of eliminating road deaths by taking the learnings from the aerospace industry and applying them to next generation active safety systems for all vehicles.
  • 2023

    Provizio introduces 5D Perception
    Provizio introduces 5D Perception® - a technology built upon software, hardware and AI innovations including MIMSO® and SPTDMA®, to deliver next-generation active vehicle safety in a scalable, cost effective package.
Our team

Discover the people behind the future of automotive safety

Provizio speaking at eventsProvizio company meetup, team activity.

years of collective industry experience

With extensive experience in fields ranging from aerospace and automotive to robotics and nuclear energy, we believe we have the pedigree, talent & motivation to achieve a zero accidents future.

Our pedigree

Our inspiration

The values that drive us forward

Relentless innovation

A healthy sense of urgency to deploy unique solutions.

Save Lives

A powerful goal that resonates deeply with everyone.

Empower individuals

Giving every person the power to make an impact.

Improve Consistently

Taking every success and every challenge as a learning experience.

Embrace Flexibility

Giving people the space and time to deliver their best work.

Strive for transparency

Building an environment of trust to facilitate effective communication.

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Testbed, Deliveries and 5D Perception® Demo Drives

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Testbed, deliveries and 5D Perception® demo drives

Provizio, Future Mobility Campus Ireland
Shannon Free Zone

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Provizio Ltd
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