Oct 27, 2022

Provizio Partners with Voi

October 27th, 2022 - Provizio, is excited to announce our collaboration with Swedish micromobility company Voi. This partnership is a significant stride in our mission to enhance road safety, focusing on the rapidly evolving e-scooter sector. Leveraging our AI-based accident prevention technology, we aim to drastically improve the safety of Voi e-scooters, enabling them to detect other vehicles and pedestrians with unparalleled precision and foresight.

Advancing E-Scooter Safety with Provizio’s 5D Perception

Our collaboration with Voi marks an important adaptation of our 5D Perception Platform from the motor industry to the realm of mixed mobility and e-scooters. The onboard technology, to be deployed and tested on Voi’s e-scooters, represents a major technological leap in micromobility safety.

Cutting-Edge Detection Capabilities

Our miniaturised system is designed to detect other vehicles up to 200 meters away and pedestrians up to 60 meters away. This remarkable range allows for advanced prediction and prevention of potential accidents, safeguarding e-scooter riders and pedestrians alike.

Pioneering 5D Perception Technology

Our 5D Perception system continually sees, tracks, and interprets vehicular behaviour and identifies roadway elements. This comprehensive approach to perception utilises a combination of radar, LiDAR-like 3D point cloud technology, and machine learning algorithms, making it robust across various weather conditions and operational environments.

Real-World Testing at Future Mobility Campus Ireland

Our technology undergoes rigorous real-world testing at the Future Mobility Campus Ireland in Shannon. This environment offers a unique opportunity to refine and validate our system, ensuring it meets the diverse and dynamic challenges of urban mobility.

Provizio’s Vision for Safer Mobility

At Provizio, we are deeply committed to enhancing safety for all road users, including those more vulnerable, such as e-scooter riders. Our partnership with Voi aligns perfectly with our goal of creating a safer, mixed-mobility future.

A Step Toward Vision Zero

We share Voi's aspiration for Vision Zero - the ambitious goal of eliminating severe injuries and fatalities connected to their service by 2030. Our technology is a critical component in achieving this, significantly reducing the 94% of accidents caused by human error each year.

A Collaborative Approach to Safer Micromobility

Working alongside Voi, we are not just providing a technological solution but also supporting a broader movement towards safer, more sustainable urban transport. Our system gives authorities across Europe the confidence in controlling rental e-scooters, making micromobility a safe, carbon-neutral option for urban commuters.

Provizio's Role in Transforming Urban Mobility

As Barry Lunn, CEO & Founder of Provizio, states, "This partnership is another step towards our goal of making mobility safer for all travellers in a mixed-mobility future. Voi shares our values in this regard, and we are looking forward to helping them deliver the safest micromobility experience possible for their riders."

In collaboration with Voi, we are not only redefining safety standards but also contributing to a systematic shift in urban travel - a journey towards a more responsible, efficient, and safe mobility landscape.


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Testbed, deliveries and 5D Perception® demo drives

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