Jan 06, 2023

Provizio Unveils 5D Perception at CES 2023

Jan 6th, 2023 - Provizio proudly showcased its groundbreaking safety technology at CES in Las Vegas, signalling a significant leap towards safer driving and autonomous vehicles. By 2025, we plan to make this technology widely available, transforming the automotive landscape with our 5D Perception system.

Revolutionising Vehicle Safety with 5D Perception

Our Limerick-based team has developed a revolutionary radar-backed system, 5D Perception, designed to enhance driving safety and enable autonomous driving capabilities. This system integrates a proprietary software-defined radar system, providing LiDAR-like functionalities at a significantly reduced cost and with longer range than existing vehicle LiDAR systems.

Overcoming Weather Challenges and Enhancing Resolution

Traditional LiDAR systems are affected by adverse weather conditions, and while radar systems don’t face the same issues, they lack the resolution of LiDAR. Provizio’s 5D Perception Radar bridges this gap with a LiDAR-like 3D point cloud, enriched with machine-learning algorithms. This innovative setup allows continuous learning and processing of the vehicle’s surrounding environment, dramatically enhancing safety for drivers.

Unprecedented Range and Accuracy

Our technology surpasses the range of incumbent radar systems by over three times without needing additional hardware. Barry Lunn, CEO of Provizio, emphasises, “This platform will revolutionise safety in the auto and mobility sectors by paving the way for the most advanced safety and autonomous driving systems and we firmly believe, in the near future, it will become as ludicrous to get in a vehicle without a 5D Perception driving platform as it would be without seatbelts today.”

Bringing the Technology to Mass Production

Provizio is collaborating with industry partners to bring this cutting-edge technology to mass production by 2025. Demonstrations of our system on a specially equipped Land Rover at CES have showcased its superior capabilities, with the system highlighting exceptional performance in challenging conditions such as bad weather, underpasses, and in detecting smaller, fast-moving vehicles like motorbikes.

The Future of Mobility with Provizio’s 5D Perception

Our 5D Perception driving platform, backed by our proprietary super-resolution imaging radar, views the world in a 'LiDAR-like 3D point cloud'. This technology delivers precise range and velocity for each point, with the entire radar backend built on a GPU. This facilitates AI perception at the edge, the ‘5th D’ in our 5D Perception solution.

Pioneering in Cost-Effectiveness and Application Diversity

Provizio is set to offer class-leading systems at a fraction of the current costs associated with geo-fenced, LiDAR-backed platforms. Our MIMSO® radar delivers lidar-like point clouds at significantly lower costs, with 500x more resolution than today's vehicle radars.

Beyond Traditional Automotive

Our high-performance, low-cost solution is already finding applications beyond traditional automotive, in sectors like micromobility, agriculture, and mining.

At Provizio, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, spearheading the journey towards safer, more efficient, and autonomous driving solutions. Our participation in CES is just the beginning of a journey that redefines the standards of vehicle safety and autonomy.


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